Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Visit to the City

My parents were already planning to meet us in Marin for my birthday weekend, the fact Don proposed the day before they came made it all the more special! We had lunch at Larkspur then took the ferry into the city for a stroll around the embarcadero and Union Square. We returned in time for dinner at Brick and Bottle where my best friend, Sarah, surprised us with a champagne toast from across the country! Sweet gifts and ice cream finished out the day.


So here's the big one.

For my birthday, Don and I flew up to Marin—the city where we fell in love—and visited all of our favorite spots. In a Miata convertible, no less. San Rafael for McNears Beach and some Crepevine fries; Fairfax for a stop at the Beach House vintage store and ice cream parlor; Bolinas for oysters and a stroll around the beach town; Stinson for a brief walk on the sand to gaze at the ocean.

The last stop was Mount Tam. We bought a blanket at Tuesday Mornings earlier that day with the idea of sitting out and enjoying the gorgeous view of the ocean and city like we'd done in the past. But things never work out exactly as planned, right? The moment we arrived the sun was setting and the wind was gusting. We nearly didn't get out of the car but decided to at least take some quick pics with the tripod since we made the journey.

I was wrapped in the picnic blanket we intended to sit on while Don kept setting the camera's timer then running over next to me for a posed shot. We were about to leave when he said he was blinking in the last one and I suggested we take one more. Waiting for him to run up beside me, I looked away from the wind and closed my eyes to shield them from flying debris (yes, it was that windy!). Right when he ran up, I opened my eyes and turned around to see him down on one knee just at the picture snapped. I can hardly remember what was said! I think it went something like "Tanya Leigh Washington, will you marry me?" As I eagerly reached for the perfect vintage diamond ring I unknowingly helped him pick out a year before. "I want to be stuck with you forever!" He jokingly quoted Mr. Carson of Downton Abbey—yeah, we're nerds—and I was picked up and spun around as I kissed him.

I said yes, in case you were wondering ;).

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